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Traveling between France, The Netherlands and South Africa, sourcing fabrics, while getting inspiration for new designs, Em Aimmea (Owner & Designer) can be reached best via email.

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Why we don't have sales

Em Aimmea

I sometimes get the question why we do not have sales as almost all other brands do. The answer to that question is simple and complex at the same time.

The first reason why we do not have sales is because it is not possible. We pay everyone who works for Aimmea a fair wage. This means that our cost price is high. If we came up with discounts of 60% or 70% then we would lose money instead of earning money. And although I love my work very much, the goal is still to make money. We could, of course, price our clothing higher and operate in a different market segment so that we have a margin for sales, but we have deliberately chosen not to do so.

Another reason why we do not have a sale is because I do not like it. So even if our cost price would be lower than I would still not participate in the sale. We live in a consumer society, a disposable way of living that I do not agree with. Idiotic sales will make you buy shit (excuse my French) that you do not need. Sure I used to do so as a consumer in the past but at a certain moment I realized that I really only came home with nonsense purchases. So I stopped doing that and I'm not doing it with Aimmea. I prefer to buy less often and spend a little more for something unique and special that keeps longer.

And just to continue on that foot, just buying, buying, buying is not good for our planet either. And I love this planet, so I try to contribute my bit.

Not having sales also has to do with being different. I always try to design something that does not immediately fit into the norm. I want to make something unique. Something worth paying for a little more so that you have something special. That philosophy also does not match sales because sale has to do with mass production. Imagine how it is possible that clothing is sold with a 70% discount or more? The people who made those garments will probably not get paid honestly.

But of course we want to keep a successful business and because we have a lot of recurring customers a few years ago the idea was born to give our regular customers a VIP status and to link certain advantages to them. Benefits such as discount codes and looking ahead at new designs or giving priority when we have a limited edition. But we will not be able to give more than 50% discount.

I hope it is a bit clearer, If you have any questions about this please feel free to mail me. I like to hear from you. Or else maybe leave a message on Facebook?

Thank you for reading now!