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After many months of hard work we are now live with the first SeZáre by Aimmea designs!! It was planned for last week but due to a (cough) unexpected malfunction of equipment by our - previous photographer - the photoshoot failed.

This unfortunate event however turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we got to work with an exceptionally professional team at Johnathan Andrews Photography who accommodated us within a few days producing magnificent photo's!   

This rescheduling and redoing of the photoshoot brought along a change in the amount of designs we are launching with. Instead of going live with only one design and adding one every week, we decided to launch with 5 designs at once - to make up a little for the delay. This will also give us some well needed time to further prepare the next round of designs of which the samples are already being made! Our goal is to upload a new limited editioned silk garment every other week.

The Basics collection now has 6 outfits and new designs will be added soon as well. The Basics collection will be available throughout the seasons and consists of Classic, elegant silk fashion - as Aimmea has become known for.

We encourage our customers to send us a photo wearing an original SeZáre by Aimmea design styled by yourself! The best styled outfits will be featured on Instagram and Twitter

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SeZáre by Aimmea