The next level

Now that we have launched our new website, found great people in South Africa who can make the high quality clothes that Aimmea has become known for and now that we are getting our name out there, it is time for the next level.

Whilst selling through our webshop where we offer worldwide shipping we are also starting to look at boutiques in Johannesburg and Amsterdam that might be interested in stocking our stunning silk designs.

For that to happen we need more then just a nice website and nice clothes. We need to show everybody how special Aimmea's designs are. And that can only be done by a super high-end photo shoot at  a breathtaking location  with impeccable styling and a super talented photographer.

So there you go, we are going to showcase the luxury silk designs from our silk prints collection SeZáre by Aimmea by doing this editorial in July and we can not wait for everybody to see the result!

Watch this space!