New Years Collection in the making

We had such an amazing response from all over the world to the photo shoot with Troy Lee ( in July. We could not be more happy with all the attention from both friends and customers. The photos gave us a feeling as if we had arrived at the next level. As if we now finally were worthy of calling ourselves a luxury fashion brand.

This feeling was quickly replaced however by the need to work on the next designs. We are currently busy finalizing our end of year collection, which will also be shot by Troy. For this shoot we are looking for a new model. So if you are available mid October in Johannesburg message me at

We are also expanding our team of seamstresses and we are looking for a sales representative. Please send your CV and salary expectations to the same email address.

If everything goes as planned, we will be adding the New Years collection to our online store early November! And as usual, these designs will be limited editions so check back with us in time to get your hands on a silk original from Aimmea. Members get a direct message into their inbox as soon as a new design has been added, so if you have not yet signed up, it might be a good idea to do so now by clicking here. Oh, and don't worry about spam, we hate it as much as you do! Or, perhaps even more ...

Thanks for reading!