The results are in

While I was away looking for a few specific boutiques in my hometown Amsterdam to stock some of our designs, the photographers finished the images from our October shoot. There has been a time where I became nervous about this process, but since we have teamed up with Daniel Webber and Chris Holty from Lionwolf Art Direction & Photography this is just a lot of fun and excitement all together.

I am very hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed that Aimmea will be available in Amsterdam soon. It's not an easy process because we want to be exclusive and stay away from mainstream fashion stores. Luckily Amsterdam has a few boutiques that match our philosophy brilliantly and with some luck we will make it work. If you are reading this and know of a special boutique or you are the buyer or owner and you are interested, please contact us! Next year we will try our luck in other countries in Europe.


For now I am delighted to share a few images from our latest photoshoot with models Malcolm Henderson and Anastasia Iskra from Ice Models Johannesburg.

There are more to come but our members see them first!

Thank you for reading!


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