Seasons greetings

2016 is coming to an end and it made me think about how amazing this year was for us. I want to share a little overview with you and I will end with some news about what we are working on for 2017.

2016 started out with a great photo shoot at Adrian Abrahams Studio in Johannesburg in February.

Jite Okotie and Shané Davids were modeling our first ever winter collection while Adrian worked the camera. Rene Ferreira who does most of our hair and makeup was there too creating amazing looks for the models. Although it was a very successful shoot and I loved all the images that Adrian produced, I wanted a different angle for Aimmea.

While trying out a few things we ended up working with Chris and Daniel from Lionwolf - Visual Arts Production in June. It was the start of a great working relationship for the rest of the year producing many amazing  catalogue and editorial images.

With Lionwolf bringing our brand to another level we received a lot of social media attention. This helped us find a few boutiques in Europe who will be featuring our designs next year, and one particular one already as of February! I can't wait to share more information but we are still working on the details so check back with us soon to find out where you can buy Aimmea in store in Europe soon.

And then there were the new prints off course. I am so excited about this! I have wanted to do our own prints for so long. I love monochrome fashion but I also love to add some prints here and there.

Working together with the textile designers creating unique prints for our limited editions is so much fun and it ads so much to the limited edition part of Aimmea. You will not find these prints anywhere else and they are made in low quantities, guaranteed. 

Below you see the first print created especially for Aimmea by Tina Cloete. Next year we will be printing another one of her designs as well as digital art work created by Lionwolf. I can't wait to show you.

We have also teamed up with another independent textile designer dying her own fabric coming early next year as well. 

The new year brings so many new opportunities and great people towards me that I feel overwhelmed and grateful. I hope that we will be working together with everybody for a long time to come. 

Thank you so much for reading! Happy New year and I wish all your wildest dreams may come to be true in 2017!

Check back soon! Maria