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Traveling between France, The Netherlands and South Africa, sourcing fabrics, while getting inspiration for new designs, Em Aimmea (Owner & Designer) can be reached best via email.

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Winter is coming - but so is summer!

Em Aimmea

I love Johannesburg weather where this time of year the evenings are getting cooler while during the day you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun. Where the days are filled with stunning blue skies and whiter then white clouds. 

Soon things will change and the nights will make way for colder temperatures that make you want to stay inside and hide underneath a pile of blankets. Call me crazy but I am actually looking forward to the colder weather. Don't get me wrong, I adore summer! But I also love the seasons changing so I can light the fireplace and wear my beloved boots and winter scarfs! 

And while I am planning my favorite winter outfits to wear I am also designing for summer. Fashion is weird like that. 

I can't say much yet about the designs themselves but I can reveal the team who is going to visualize them. We have found an amazing photography team for our next editorial whom we are very excited to work with. Back when we were still in Maputo we started doing research about people to work with in South Africa. And Lionwolf was the first we came across online. That we are going to work together now is just awesome! Have a look at their page and you'll see what I mean.

This all means that while our current collection is getting amazing response,  the next one is being worked hard on and I can tell you. It is going to be fantastic!!

Oh, and before I forget! Selected Aimmea designs are now available at Journey Lifestyle in Johannesburg. A gem of a little boutique in the middle of buzzing 4th Avenue in Parkhurst. Why not follow them on Instagram @lovejourneylove 


Thanks for reading!I I'll be back with an update soon!