We have changed a few things

Ever since we launched in South Africa last year, slowly but surely, our group of members has grown bigger and bigger.

And so did our followers on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for your continuous support!

To show how grateful and appreciative we are, we have decided to change a few things. 

1. More discount for members

Members used to get 10% off, but as of today all members get 25% off the original price when buying from our online store. The original discount code you received will be valid for you upon checkout. If you have lost your code simply request one here.

To become a member you simply sign up with your email here. You will get your login/discount code instantly. You can login here to see new designs before anybody else. And we send out a monthly newsletter informing you about news and new designs added to the site.

2. Even more Limited Editions

Aimmea is all about staying true to yourself and celebrating the uniqueness of being you. Staying away from today's mass production and fast fashion all together. Our client base knows that and to ensure this we have further downgraded the quantities that we make per each limited edition. We also added a category 'Last chance - buy now or cry later'  to the site. This is where you get the last chance to get your hands on a specific original limited edition from Aimmea.

3. Appointments

We have had countless requests for private viewings and fittings of our designs. And we have now made it possible to do so in my residence in Sandton accompanied with a glass of bubbly.

We do not do custom designing but it is possible to request adjustments to my designs. A custom sleeve length or changes to the neckline, ad or remove pockets you name it. This can now be done via a private booking with me, the designer of Aimmea. If you are interested please drop me an email via privée@aimmea.com.

Follow @Aimmea_VIP on instagram

We hope you will like the changes we made and wish you happy discount shopping as of today!

At the end of the month we are doing another photoshoot so keep an eye out for new designs coming soon!

Thank you for reading! You can share this post below, I'd appreciate it!