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Traveling between France, The Netherlands and South Africa, sourcing fabrics, while getting inspiration for new designs, Em Aimmea (Owner & Designer) can be reached best via email.

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Goals for 2017 achieved

Em Aimmea

And yet another stockist added to the list

Earlier this year I realized that I was on the right track with Aimmea but I still felt that I probably needed the rest of the year to get things exactly how I wanted them to be. So I set a few goals for myself, the help me get where I wanted to be.

First, I wanted to find my signature in designing. I realized I should not try and design for others but rather create designs that communicated who I am.  It made me realize who my customers really were. And that is key.

Another goal was to find the right stockists for my label. The first store was added in February, the second soon after. And now, while the year is coming to an end, a gallery selling art and fashion contacted me which quickly became the 4th stockist. Now 4 stores in 4 different cities on two different continents are selling Aimmea. 

Another thing on my mind earlier this year was getting the processes and back office where it needed to be. I'm a total spreadsheet geek but you can't track movement of stock in Excel, believe me. So finding the right cloud based inventory system was just as important as finding my customers.

Now that the administration is sorted, I can give all my attention to doing what I love most. Working out new ideas, sourcing fabrics (we have found an amazing new supplier too) and planning and doing photo-shoots.

As you can imagine I am already setting new goals for 2018. I am busy visualizing what I want to be writing on this page this time next year. Where I want to be and where I want Aimmea to be. It is never easy, but always thrilling! I am working on something I can not say too much about just yet. But if this is happening, Aimmea will step things up big time in 2018!

As always, thank you so much for reading!


Aimmea now also selling at Eva D Designershowroom in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. You can see a list of all Aimmea stockists here.

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