Bold new designs have arrived!

I must admit I was a bit nervous on the day of the shoot because the new designs are unlike anything I have ever done before! But with the great eye of photographer Daniel David and the impeccable styling and art direction of Chris Botha I saw the clothes come to life and the nerves were quickly replaced by excitement and utter happiness!!

You will always know which number of the limited edition you have

I think I will order a re-print of the fabric end of April together with a brand new design made by Lionwolf (oh boy if you only knew what's coming !!) Re-print or not, our limited editions remain guaranteed limited edition!

Did you know that when you purchase a limited edition from us you get a little card that mentions which number you have? It's part of our promise to you that when you buy a SeZáre it is for sure a one-of-a-kind, unique garment.


We are sharing the new designs first through our newsletter (and on instagram) with our VIP's who get to shop them online before anybody else even sees them. And on top of that, our VIP's pay 25% less. If there is any stock left, the new designs will be added to our public online store

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A new print made by the same designer as our snake print is among the new designs!

Edit: Since we have shared some of the new Limited Editions already with our VIP's I can share those here now too ;) 

A new print made by the same designer as our snake print is amongst the new designs!
Aimmea flower print kimono