Next day delivery - as of next month

Shipping from Amsterdam

Since the beginning of this year demand for Aimmea is growing steadily, especially in our home country The Netherlands. This made us decide to start shipping from Amsterdam. It is the logical thing to do as it will make ordering from us online even easier and quicker in The Netherlands. 

My sister in Purmerend will handle all online orders and ship them personally. This means that when you place an order before 2pm on a working day, she will ship the item the same day. As before, if you have any questions you can contact me personally via my email address.

As always, shipping in The Netherlands (and Belgium) will be free of charge.

We are doing another big photoshoot for our online shop in the first week of June. A few unique designs made from a textile print made by Lionwolf are amongst them. We are also introducing a few brand new designs that, if I may say so myself, are pretty damn cool.

More soon! Thanks for reading!!


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