New store!

It's mid September and I am traveling through Europe looking for stockists and visiting family in The Netherlands. As I write this blog post I am in my hotel room having a short break in Bordeaux, France. I fell in love with this city. I found amazing little antique stores and lots of nice restaurants and places to enjoy a glass of Champagne (!!) while overlooking the beautiful buildings and people. It's a student city which brings a certain creativity that is resembled in how people dress and express themselves. I adore this city!

Something else that I adore is finding a store that matches your brand's philosophy and the owners loving your work. And I am therefore ecstatic to announce that Aimmea is now available in-store in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Not only that, but the stock I had brought to showcase Aimmea ended up in the window display the day I came to visit and immediately started selling.

utrecht 6.jpg

So if you find yourself in the proximity of the Twijnstraat in Utrecht, hop on over to have a look, it's in the centre of the city amidst lovely cafe's and restaurants. If not for my designs you should go there for the unique ambiance and plenty of nice (some of which sell vintage!!) stores in the neighborhood. 

utrecht 4.jpg


My plan for the near future is to slowly add more stockists that match Aimmea, selling unique designer labels. Offering an alternative to the mainstream fashion shops. If you know a boutique like that I'd love to hear from you!


As always, thank you for reading! And please check back very soon as I am about to share images from the photoshoot we did just before I left for travels.


PS: LIVStores is located in Twijnstraat number 41 in Utrecht.  


Utrecht 1.jpg
utrecht 3.jpg