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First real Aimmea streetshoot

Em Aimmea

Last Friday we did a street photoshoot with my favourite and fabulous silverhair model Deborah Chambers. I wanted to do a shoot like that since a long time but I couldn't find the right location nor the right photographer. At a certain point in time, not too long ago actually, I almost gave up on the whole idea.

But then my friend and makeup artist Rene Ferreira found the right photographer and the right location for us. An abandoned shopping centre called 'The Fern' in Johannesburg turned out to be the perfect spot.

We all got together last Friday at 11am. While Rene started doing the makeup on Deborah in the back of my car, the photographer ( showed me some nice angles and corners she thought would work nicely. She had brought an art director who quickly turned out to 'get' exactly what I was looking for. Directing Deborah to move in front of the camera in a manner that matches Aimmea perfectly.

The vibe was good and we got through all the different looks within 3 hours of shooting in the hot sun. It's winter in Johannesburg but it felt like summer! I was hiding in the shade all day while we put poor Deborah in clothes like a faux leather wrap jacket and a longsleeve sweater! 

As you might know, I don't design seasonal collections. Yes, most of the designs we shot on Friday were aimed to be worn in summer so you could call it a summer-shoot. But if you know Northern European summers you understand why there was a longsleeve sweater! The reason for me not doing full seasonal collection has, amongst other reasons, to do with globalization. People travel and it's not winter or summer at the same time everywhere.

Anyways, luckily all went smooth and we were done by 3pm. I posted a few behind the scenes images I took on social media already and added them below as well. Soon enough you will see the new images online! I am very excited!

No doubt they will be amazing as Deborah looked fantastic in Aimmea and the photographer was very professional and hard working. And off course I peeked at the camera whenever I could! haha

As always, thank you for reading and remember to check back soon to see the results!