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Traveling between France, The Netherlands and South Africa, sourcing fabrics, while getting inspiration for new designs, Em Aimmea (Owner & Designer) can be reached best via email.

You can request access to our B2B ordering platform via this link if you are interesting in our Wholesale offers. For any further questions please get in touch with us via email or simply use the form below. Em will get back to you personally.

Amsterdam, NH, 1076


Aimmea | Ageless | Dark fashion

Size guide

Size guide

Choosing the right size when ordering online is pretty important but luckily it is also very easy.

We use International sizing standards, while ordering from our on-line store the UK sizes are listed. All you have to do is find your International size in the below size guide and you will know what to choose when placing your order. You can access the guide from each individual item in the on-line store as well. 

When a garment mentions 'One size fits most' it means it fits anybody with a size between small and extra large. It will not fit extra small or xxlarge.

Extra long

Our designs are made with longer sleeves and longer trouser lengths to accommodate taller people. We understand this might be an inconvenience for shorter people but our thought process is this; shorter people have to shorten pants and sleeves regardless of our extra length. Taller people usually have a hard time finding clothes that are long enough and making sleeves or pants longer usually is not possible. 

For any questions regarding size please contact us